Feed Yourself Body and Soul with These...

Reconnecting with my own body compassion with our featured artist Natasha Komodo of Femmeography. More on that experience soon! “What you are offering as a gathering is sooo needed and I’m so moved just knowing you and others thought to gather this way xo” “I waste so much time and energy being at odds with my [...]

Money, Worth, and the Power of Bringing a Friend

It’s interesting to watch what has been happening as I’ve been writing and speaking about Body Compassion. The chatter on my social media outlets is way up. My mailing list is growing faster than it ever has in the past 5 years. People are emailing me to say, “Oh, this is so important. I need [...]

Give Up on Body Image.

We are all pretty caught up in the idea of body image. Is ours good or bad? What ads and images mess it up? Do we change our bodies so that our body image is always awesome? Or do we engage in a mental and emotional fight so our body image is good, even if [...]

"Few people know how to tend the soul like Rachelle Mee-Chapman. A curator of everything exquisite and salvageable from the spiritual traditions. Rachelle understands how to craft a nest where comfort gives way to calling, where self-care reveals with compassion your finest, truest self." -- Jen Lemen, Mondo Beyondo