Surprised to see such a patriotic image at Magpie Girl?

As someone known for her leftist leanings, you may be stunned to find out that I actually LOVE the 4th of July. We live three blocks away from the biggest fireworks display in town — one that’s been repeatedly saved by the generosity of local businesses and neighborhood donations. I can sit on the porch swing and say hello to folks walking down the hill to the big show, while the kids sell lemonade and we all pretend we are in a Norman Rockwell painting for just a little while.

But the holiday is still a little bit twitchy for me. I appreciate my country and the freedoms we have here. But I’m not blind to the way we are constantly at war overseas, or how inequity plays out here on our home turf. So while I’ll gladly ask God-and-the-Universe to bless the “land that I love,” I also cringe a little as our anthem waxes poetic about “the rocket’s red glare.”

To work through this conundrum, my online community Flock and I have taken up the habit of practicing Juicy Generosity every year at this time. We re-engage with the abundance that exists in our nation, and make a gentle, joyful plan together to extend that goodness to others.

Juicy Generosity is our way of extending Peace during this time of year. And Peace is so much more than an absence of war. It’s the Hebrew concept of Shalom — not just a lack of violence, but a commitment to wholeness for all.

This year we’d like to offer our Juicy Generosity Toolkit to Y.O.U.  We’ve bundled up all our lessons and practices into one place, so you can unlearn some of the cultural lessons you’ve been given about “giving until it hurts,” and let go of your parent’s reminder to eat your peas because “there are starving children in Africa.” You don’t need to shy away from generosity because of icky shame messages, or feeling frozen by the sheer amount of need in the world. You really can connect to a right-fit, sustainable , JOYFUL way of giving with these lessons in Juicy Generosity.

The Juicy Generosity Toolkit Includes:

-Four Podcast Lessons:

  • Cultivating a Habit of “Yes” – Step out of self-protection and into an experiment in generosity (that won’t leave you in a state of burn out!)
  • Noticing Enoughness – Move away from feeling like there’s “never enough” with a selection of simple, meaningful exercises.
  • Overcoming Roadblocks – Learn about two common cultural roadblocks between you and joyful, juicy generosity–and how to out smart them.
  • Relational Giving – Explore a kind of giving that works with your natural psychology. (It’s fun and you’ll feel great!)

-Access to our Juicy Generosity Facebook page.
-A cheat sheet to keep your newfound lessons front and center.

Typically this kit would be offered as a month long ecourse for $99.
But right now it’s available during the Independence Day Sale for $69.
And to make the deal even juicier, I’ll send a traditional 10% tithe of the proceeds to my favorite charity, Fresh Bucks — providing low income families in urban deserts with access to organic produce by doubling their food stamps at neighborhood farmer’s markets. (How deliciously juicy is that?)

Click here to order your kit!

So that’s it, friends. No big pitches. No flashy “buy now’s” or complicated offers. Just four simple lessons that will free you up so you can give with joy. 

This Independence Day weekend, let’s celebrate peace together, shall we
Juicy Generosity Kit
Click here to order.



NOTE: The Pay What you Can Sale is now closed. Payment links have been disabled. If you began previous arrangements with me for PWYC coaching, please be in touch. (Thanks, you.)

Well friend, it’s almost summer. My kids are home, and your kids are home, and your mother wants you to drive to Kansas for a family reunion.

It’s an excellent time for a little soulcare.

That’s why I’m offering a few of my favorite things on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Yep. You can do Correspondence Coaching with me via email during the month of June….or….establish a practice of presence with the Art of Noticing…or….try out my on line community Flock at a price that feels right-fit for you.

Here’s what you need to know to pick the one that’s right for you:

Correspondence Coaching

Email based coaching on your schedule! You write me, I write you back in 48 hours. Write as many exchanges as you’d like in the month of June. Coaching helps you:  

  • process your religious shift and find right-fit soulcare practice.
  • learn to manage the ups and downs of your creative cycle.
  • make an intentional plan for a fulfilling summer.
  • chat about starting your own soulful business.
  • just figure out why X is bothering you so much.

Correspondence Coaching is right fit for you if … you’ve had something on your mind you’ve wanted to talk to me about, but didn’t want to “bother” me. (I get that a lot. Please, friend. You’re never a bother.) Or, if you would like to try coaching but phone/Skype coaching feels too intimidating or time-zone complicated.

Correspondence Coaching is priced at $200 a month.

But you can pay-what-you-can if you Click Here.


Flock: An online soulcare community.

I’m going to get teary now, because Flock is just so golden to me.

This small group of soulful women gather in a private Facebook group. We have daily check-in’s so you can get some nurture and focus anytime you need it. Our weekly rhythm is: Intention Setting, Curated Care, Body Compassion, Gratitude, Honor Your Work, and weekend Soulfood.

We also have a monthly video lesson that takes one of our core values and creates a simple, doable practice around it. In the summer we practice Welcoming the Light (Summer Solstice), Juicy Generosity, and Sacred Texts (your favorite inspiring text + collage). And of course, we deal with whatever else comes up–from sick family members, to new loves, to job changes. It’s really just so lovely.

Flock is for you if…you are comfortable hanging out on Facebook, and you want help building an aware, soulful, right-fit life in the company of like minded souls. *This offer is for new members only.

Flock is priced at $25 a month, or $75 a season.

But you can pay-what-you-can for 3 months when you Click Here.

The Art of Noticing

Being Present is the basis of all good soulcare and selfcare. Without presence we can’t make strong decisions, hear our muse, or enjoy our family. That’s why AON is my favorite ecourse — 30 days of simple prompts along with weekly audio lessons to help you develop an ongoing Noticing habit.

We do this course together every year as part of our spring re-boot in the Flock, and every year I have new ah-ha moments.

AON is right-fit for you if… you want to savour your summer, and notice what Mary Oliver calls “your one wild, precious life.” 

The Art of Noticing is priced at $60 ($2 a day).

But you can pay-what-you-can when you Click Here.


There you have it friend, all my best work made accessible to you no matter your budget. I know that you will consult your gut and your pocket book and contribute what you can. I trust that we can create a balanced energy exchange between us — with my work being the energetic offering on my end, and money being the energetic offering on yours. (That’s all money is really, energy from the mint.)

The This and That: This pay what you can offer for ten days only, through the end of May. I lovingly reserve the right to decline any offer. The Flock offer is for new members only. Thanks for understanding.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help.

I look forward to spending some time with you this summer!

Much Warmth,

 Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl




photo credit: Darrah Parker Photography

Rachel is walking us through a meditation. We are asking each part of our body  what she is hungry for, what she needs. It is very minute. Very detailed. Every part gets a chance to speak. Toes, feet, ankles…on and on.

As the host of this gathering, I am only partially present to my body. Instead I am holding space — energetically sending my capacities out and around the group like an embrace; practically filling water pitchers, turning off lights that have an odd hum, making sure everyone has a comfortable seat. So maybe I am just not paying enough attention when my feet, and shins, and calves are silent.

But then we get to the knees.

What are you hungry for? What do you need?

“Kneel” comes the answer, out of nowhere,. Clear as a bell. Sharp as a bark.
“We need to kneel.”

Art then. More art.
More beauty. More risk. More raw.
More truth.

“When faith failed me, art saved me.” This is one of my catch phrases. A pithy summation of what was, in truth, a complex journey out of church and into right-fit spirituality. When I lost my place in the cathedral, I found it in the museum. Now, when I stand in front of resonate pieces of art, it is all I can do not to kneel.

photo credit: Timothy Aguero Photography

More kneeling. More art. More reverence. More knowing without knowing how you know. Seeing truth unexpectedly between the arms of a frame, in the negative space of a sculpture, in the curve of a lyric, it the extenstion of the dancer’s limb.

Our culture is so bereft of this. Of the chance to engage with art and artists. Of opportunity. Of access. Instead of seeing our artists at prophets, we look askance and roll an eye. We give art programs the leftovers. We treat it not like life blood, but as an extra.

What are we hungry for? What do we need?

photo credit: Timothy Aguero Photography

How fitting it was then, to wrap our gathering with an Art + Soul party — a nurturing blend of music, photography, hoop dance and card readings. As Naomi sang, and Natasha’s femmes shined down from their place on the gallery wall, everything our teachers that day had offered was reinforced, allowing the lessons to sink further into our bones. Friends and colleagues, family and loves were all under the same roof, along with strangers who wandered in drawn by the sound.

I honestly don’t think I could have been happier. All my passions in one place. My vocation returned to my own hands.

I held space all day long. Then the art came and held everything I love.

I may no longer be a pastor, but I am still a minister. I may no longer relate to the idea of a Creator, but I still follow Creation. I may no longer preside at the table, but I still create communion. As we gathered for Art + Soul, all of those things came to fruition. I finally came home.

Art + Soul. As I move forward from this event–filled with gratitude, and yes, confidence — I am even more committed to producing work that connects these two. Events that put you in a room for a cuddle and a tumble with them both . Courses that let you pause from the speed of life, and take care of your creative soul. Guidance that clears the clutter to makes space for beauty and meaning. Opportunities to kneel.

photo credit: Timothy Aguero Photography

This summer I’ll be working behind the scenes to give you easier access to the soulwork I already have on offer. We’ll make the door to Flock more visible, give you free resources, point you in the direction of deeper care. And we’ll be whispering to the priestesses and artists who will be at the next gathering when Soul Sister’s reconviens the first weekend in February. (Yes. I’ll need to start working on it this summer for next February. That’s what it takes friends, to create these spaces.)

But right now, on this day, I will sit, and soak, and be grateful. I will sing the praises of Art + Soul. I will kneel.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl

photo credit: Timothy Aguero Photography

Many Thanks to all my co-teachers and presenters who made Gather and Art + Soul such a meaningful success. Please check out the skilled work of these amazing talents:

Dr. Sibel Golden - Real Food, Real Beauty, psychotherapist.
Rachel W. Cole – The Well Fed Woman, Coach;
Andrea Rae – Alinga Body Work
Amy Kessel - Women’s Leadership Coach
Darrah Parker - Natural Light Photography/Newborn Photography
Elizabeth Porter - Shamanic Guide/Card Readings
Timothy Aguero Photography – Event & Portrait Photography
Natasha Komoda 
– Femmeography, Photographer
Nicole Spiegel - Hoop Dancer/Hoop Sales/Instructor
Lisa Levine - Health and Life Coaching
Naomi Wachira - Singer/Songwriter




If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that art is powerful.

Art takes an untrue story and drags it into the light.
Art stops a crisis of imagination and opens us to new possibilities.
Art connects us to wisdom.

That’s why I’m kicking off a series of gatherings called Art + Soul — intimate settings, great talent, and the chance for you to soak you soul in the good stuff.

Join me for my first party!

Saturday, May 10th
The Georgetown Stables
980 S Nebraska St.– Seattle
*donation at the door * free parking * all ages*


Naomi WachiraKenyan born and Seattle based Naomi Wachira brings her full bodied vocals and fully-lived lyrics to the Stable stage. Catch her now — Naomi is about to “tip” into bigger venues with a sold out album release party and an exciting opening for Pickwick this spring! Naomi’s joy is infectious, and her confidence overflows to others. Listen here, and come join us! 

NatashaKomodaSeattle photographer Natasha Komoda may be moving back to the Midwest, but she’s left us a series of moving, empowering portraits from her Femmeography sessions. Come learn about her unique photographic technique for helping women see themselves with compassion. See my photos with Natasha on my Facebook page. (I was so brave.) 


nicoole hooping climingWant to get your body moving? Come do it the playful way with hoop dancer Nicole Spiegel. Nicole will be demonstrating hooping, giving trial lessons and tips, and selling her colorful wares. (Once you try it, you’ll love it! I have two hoops already!) 


sibel goldenIs there another, more compassionate way for you to see yourself? Dr. Sibel Golden says “yes,” and art can show you how. Come see her fascinating slide presentation on women’s bodies in art throughout the ages, and get a bigger picture of what beauty can be. 


May_2014_Georgetown_Art_Attack_640Art + Soul is pleased to be a part of The Georgetown Art Attack! Make us the first stop on your art-filled night and discover Seattle’s most fascinating re-emerging neighborhood!

ALG-smallAll pay-what-you-will proceeds from go to benefit the Artist’s Life Guild — providing low-cost counseling to creative without health insurance.



Music, photography, and solid dose of feel good? What are you waiting for? Go put it on your calendar!(I’ll see you soon!)

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl


Got at ticket to the Gather: Body Compassion Workshop during the day on Saturday, May 10th? Great! This event is included. Want a ticket? I have a few left when you click here.






One of the things I see often in my coaching practice, is the mistaken assumption that selfcare shifts have to be HARD.

The reality is that simple, do-able practices create big shifts in how we see ourselves, and how we care for ourselves.

That’s why I recently gathered up some crowd-sourced soulcare to give you a pocket full of tips and tricks for on-the-fly body compassion. You can use these while you wait in line at the pharmacy, sneak out for your “smoke” break, or wait in the carpool line.  So from all my Magpie Girls, here are  6 Self Care Things To Do Instead of Looking At Your Phone.

1. Hand to Heart. Andrea Rae of Alinga Body Work makes it habit to place her hand on her heart and get centered. Those little in between moments are the perfect opportunity to connect with the energy that runs your whole be-ing. (thumpthump. thumpthump.)

2. Smooth on Softness. When I asked my Magpie Girl followers to help me with this list, a whole slew of them sang the empowering praises of good hand cream. Keep a tube of your favorite in your bag and make it a ritual. Rub it in while acknowledging all the loving work your hands have brought into this world. As alchemist coach Mindy Tsonas says, “life is better through softness.”

3. Four Breaths. One of the meditation practices I always teach in Flock, is a 4 Breath Meditation. “This breath. This body. This place. This emotion.” Along with dropping your shoulders and sending oxygen to your tissues; this breathing meditation helps you become aware of patterns, allows you to be present to your current state, and teaches you that this too shall pass.

4. Hum. If you are waiting in the carpool line, try humming or Ohm-ing. The vibration in your skull, mouth, and chest–along with the conscious breathing –will soothe your nervous system.

5. Belly Love. Sitting around in a waiting room? How about putting your hands on your belly and giving that part of your fine self a compliment? Several women suggested belly love as a great on-the-fly body compassion technique. Graceful divorce specialist Keri Kettle said: “I rub my poochy belly and say, “Nice job making babies, mama!” It always makes me laugh.”

6. Stretch. Much to my children’s chagrin, I will break into pose of the dancer just about anywhere. Soccer field, play ground, airport — yoga it up, people! Lisa Wilson of Being Breath says, “Lunges at the bus stop, tree pose while filling up the gas tank, twists while waiting those last few minutes for the water to boil. It awakens those little muscles that get usually get ignored and makes me feel truly alive.”

What about you, my Magpie? What are your go-to body compassion tricks and tips for those moments when there’s nothing better to do than swipe at your smart phone?  Do tell! Because it’s like I always say, “There’s no place to go, but together.”


Want to step deeper into smart self care? Join me in Seattle on May 10th for a one-time-only event with all my favorite Body Compassion teachers. Tickets are slipping away. Click here to save your seat!





This is me, four years ago, before I found Body Compassion.

When my husband took this picture I had a level 7 migraine — which I had most days. We were taking our children to a holiday theme park for Jule in Denmark and everyone was bundled up and excited. I couldn’t move my neck to look up at the camera, so I had to just look a bit upwards at him with my eye. I hauled myself through what should have been a fairy-tale night at Tivoli, but the whole time I was just counting down the minutes until I could go home — as I did in Florence, and Berlin, and virtually everywhere we traveled those three precious years of life abroad.

I was ten years into a stint of daily migraine-level headaches. My chronic illness had shut me down so severely that my body didn’t crave things that were good for me, so all I wanted was diet cola, sugar, and bread. I was puffy. I had no energy. My adrenals weren’t functioning properly, nor my liver, or my digestive system. I would get cold chills and fevers, panic attacks and extreme fatigue. I heard and smelled everything at high volume all the time. It was a herculean effort to walk up the flight of stairs to my daughter’s afterschool program — which I needed, because I was in bed most of the time and couldn’t care for her well.

I was nothing but a Sherpa for pain and depression. I was scared, I was desperate, and my inner wisdom was just a whisper.


This is me now, after I chose Body Compassion.

Now, I’m not going to infomercial you into thinking that the power of positive thinking is all you need to change. Choosing Body Compassion was much more than just a mental act. I didn’t just wake up one day and say, “I will be kind to my body now and everything will be okay.” Not at all.

First, there was a really tough decision to leave western medicine. Then there was a whole string hard choices around re-directing all our funds to my naturopathic care. There was (and is) lot of willpower around elimination diets — including right-fit-for-me choices to stop eating gluten, then dairy, then grains. There was a series of painful home injections, nasty tasting tinctures, and smelly vitamins. And most goofy of all, there was the choice to push through all the college boys surrounding the herb stalls at the Danish farmers market in order to secure kinda-sorta-legal pain relief that actually helped without hurting my body.

All of those things — the healthcare, and the supplements, and the special strains — were all part of my healing process. But the very first step was to look at my body and say, “You are not my enemy. I will love my body as I love my child.”

“I love my body as I love my child.”

This became my mantra. I said it ten times each morning as I tied an ice pack to my head. I hummed it to myself when I was up all night with raging insomnia. I painted it on a tiny card and pinned it to my bulletin board, over the desk that I could rarely drag myself to in order to do the work I loved. (It had to be tiny. Tiny matched my hope. Tiny was enough.)

“I love my body as I love a child.”

This is the first step to healing.
The mental choice.
The emotional shift.
The willfull planting of the feet in the soil of you.

It’s not easy, but it is eminently do-able.

Especially if someone shows you the way.
Especially if you have a hand to hold.

Friend, more than anything else right now, I want you to see this transformation. I want to see you feeding yourself well — body and soul. I want you to stop being a war within your self. I want your gremlins to get quieter, and your shoulders to be lighter. I want you to see — not just your beauty — but your tremendous scary-as-shit-back-the-fuck-off strength.

(Yeah, that.)

What about you my magpie?

Are you ready to fall in love with your own fine self?
Can you make decisions that put your body first?
Will you start investing in the only thing you’ve got to carry your soul around in?

I think you are.
I know you can.
I hope you will.

Join us at Gather: Body Compassion and get the wisdom and the companionship you need to make that first, triumphant shift.

You are so very worth it.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie Girl




Reconnecting with my own body compassion with our featured artist Natasha Komodo of Femmeography. More on that experience soon!

“What you are offering as a gathering is sooo needed and I’m so moved just knowing you and others thought to gather this way xo”

“I waste so much time and energy being at odds with my own bodies. I wish I could go!”

“I don’t want to pass my body image ick on to my daughters. This offering looks amazing.”

These are the kinds of comments and emails I get every day as I talk about the powerful need to step out of body image struggle and step into Body Compassion. It’s clear the work Rachel, Andrea, and I are doing together on our May 10th event is resonating at a high, clear hum.

We want as many women as possible to step into Body Compassion with us, so we have done two empowering things for y.o.u.

Money Empowerment. 

Body stuff is all tangled up in money stuff, y’all. When you don’t value you physical self, you’re probably also struggling with the value of money and self investment. (It’s okay. We’ve all been there.)

To overcome this hurdle, we are offering a bring a friend discount. And to give you a little more time to find your friend, we’re extending the offer through the end of the week (April 20th). Sign up with a friend and you each get $90 off the registration price . Click here to register and use code G14Friend. Need to find a friend? Put a shout out for a registration partner here.

Virtual Empowerment.

I believe in Soulful Business, so I strive to offer you good soul care in everything I send out. When I market an event, the event is of tremendous value. And I also try to provide value in the marketing itself. If you take the time to read something I’ve sent out, I want it to be WORTH IT! That’s why all my promotional posts have tips, tricks, and techniques to help you tip toe  into the self-healing waters, even if you cannot sign up for a class or come to a gathering. 

The pieces I written for Gather: Body Compassion are getting some of the biggest buzz I’ve ever received in my nearly ten years of blogging. The first two alone got over 5,000 view each — which is not my normal readership, friend, not by a long shot!

Because they are so zingy, I want you to have them in your self care treasure chest. So here they are, all gathered up in one handy place. May you find something here today that shift you into a place of “ahhhhh!”

How to Find Body Compassion

How to Trust Your Body

How to Find Your Sexy

Why You Should Give Up on  Body Image

Why We Need Body Compassion (video)

Step Into Body Compassion (Event How’s and Why’s)

You can also pick up some good tips and insights in these two video interviews hosted by Andrea Rae:

Body Compassion Interview with Rachel Cole
Body Compassion Interview with Rachelle Mee-Chapman

So there you have it friend — some virtual help, and an offer to help you access help in-real-life as well. May it be of aid to you today as you move ever more deeply into your abundant strength.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl

P.s. Read something you like here? Please share it along. Because it’s like I always say, “There’s no place to go, but together.”



It’s interesting to watch what has been happening as I’ve been writing and speaking about Body Compassion.

The chatter on my social media outlets is way up.
My mailing list is growing faster than it ever has in the past 5 years.
People are emailing me to say, “Oh, this is so important. I need this so much.”

Clearly, Rachel, Andrea and I are scratching where it itches.

Still, I’m getting a lot of feedback that goes something like, “I need this so much…but I can’t afford it.”

When you are doing meaningful body-and-soul work, a certain set of barriers come up.

Sometimes it’s around money. For real I lost my job, the vet bill was tremendous, my kid is sick I literally can’t afford it money stuff.

Sometimes it’s around worth. I’m not sure I’m worth that much of the household budget how can I justify the spending money stuff.

And sometimes, it’s not about money at all. Sometimes, you just need someone to sit with.

Rachel, Andrea and I want you to get freed up from some of that stuff.

We get that money and worth issues are all tangled up with body struggle issues.
We get that it’s hard to say yes to your true hungers sometimes — like your hunger for compassion, and companionship, and tender loving care.
We get that even at break-even pricing, the fee can be a stretch.


We want you to step into your own power and out of these value struggles.
We want to empower your healing.

So we are offering a Bring a Friend discount now through April 15th.

Click here and use code G14Friend

Click to share the good word.

Bring one friend, or a whole gaggle. As long as you use the code and list your fellow attendee’s name in the “Friend” box on the registration form, everyone saves $90 each.

(Plus you have someone to sit with.)

Need a buddy to register with? Put a shout out on the event page and find a hand to hold.

We hope that helps. (You deserve this.)

See you at Gather,

Rachelle, Rachel, and Andrea



We are all pretty caught up in the idea of body image.

Is ours good or bad?
What ads and images mess it up?
Do we change our bodies so that our body image is always awesome?
Or do we engage in a mental and emotional fight so our body image is good, even if we feel physically bad?
How, How HOW can we get (and keep) good body image?!

I have a proposition to make friends.
I say we step out of the body image struggle and step into body compassion.

Body image says, “Feel good about your body! (It proves you can fight the culture and come out ahead!)”
Body compassion says, “I love my body as I love a child.”

Body image says, “Someone else’s gaze impacts how I see myself.”
Body compassion says, “I will gaze on myself with kindness.”

Body image says, “I will fight to be okay with my body, regardless of how I’m feeling.”
Body compassion says, “I will give my body the rest, motion, food, and fluid that I need to feel well.”

I’m not opposed to doing things that give us better body image. And I get that some of these things may be a matter of semantics. But I do think that the term body image has been so tied up in the idea of weight, diet, anti-aging and straight up struggle, that I don’t know if we can extricate ourselves from the negative implication that are associated with it.

I mean, be honest.
When I say “body image” the first thing that comes to mind “bad,” right?
I struggle with body image. She has such bad body image.

But if I say “body compassion,” maybe the first thing that comes to mind is “yum.”
Or  “ahhhhh!”
Or “Yes, this.”

Sometimes we need to reclaim a word.
And sometimes we need to claim our own name.

So let’s step out of the body image struggle, friends.
Let’s step into lush,
body compassion.

Are you ready to gift yourself with radical self acceptance?
Can you shift your language to something that’s more empowered?
Will you choose to be dangerously compassionate with me?

I think you are.
I know you can.
I hope you will.

Amen? Amen.


Take the Pledge

Commit to being Dangerously Compassionate toward your embodied self.
1. Copy the badge.
2. Post the pledge.
3. Make your shift.
4. Tag me so I can cheer you on.


‘I hereby say “f*ck off body image struggles”, and “hello sweet, sexy body compassion!”

I will feed my true hungers,
rub lotion on my skin,
feel my sinews stretch,
rest at my own rhythm,
do All The Things that bring me true pleasure,
and say “no” to the mean things I hear in my head.

I will love my body as I love a child.

I will become dangerously compassionate to my embodied self.”

Want to go deeper? Join us at Gather: Body Compassion on May 10th in Seattle. One solid weekend, loads of ah-ha moments, and one great gathering with art and soul. Click here.



There’s so much good in hearing each other’s voice, don’t you think? It helps to round out the virtual.

So today, I have a short video message from my heart to yours. Just 6.5 minutes long and full of behind the scenes info as to why I’m working on body compassion right now, and what I see as our growing edge as women.

(I always get teary at the end of these videos.)

Thanks for sitting down with me today.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl