The Selfie as Little Ritual

Have you every wondered why self-portraits and the ever-present selfie are ringing such a resonate gong these days? Surely there’s something we are hungry for that’s getting fed by this cell-phone enhanced habit. I’m curious about the phenomenon, and I thought you might be too. That’s why I’ve invited soulsister and self-portrait specialist Vivienne McMaster [...]

Little Rituals: How to Honor Your Heritage

The icon of my Grandma for our Dia de los Muertos ofrenda —  from a photo taken while she was dancing at my cousin’s wedding.  In case you want to listen: The Believer Last night my roots called to me, and my grandmother came in a dream. She was at her “mountain house” –the [...]

Little Rituals: How to Remember Your Roots

  During October in the Flock, we are learning to celebrate our ancestors in simple, meaningful ways. We’ll be learning the history of Dia de los Muertos via video, and getting tips and supplies together to make heritage icons. Won’t you click here to join us?   Wondering why roots matter? Here’s a vintage post to [...]

"Few people know how to tend the soul like Rachelle Mee-Chapman. A curator of everything exquisite and salvageable from the spiritual traditions. Rachelle understands how to craft a nest where comfort gives way to calling, where self-care reveals with compassion your finest, truest self." -- Jen Lemen, Mondo Beyondo