Think Protests Don't Change Anything? Think Again.

Follow me on instagram: @magpiegirlrachelle. Find actions in your neighborhood #blacklivesmatter + your city. I don’t know what I thought I’d accomplish, as I strode the long blocks from my office to the main shopping district in downtown Seattle. I hadn’t marched in a long time, and police engagement had changed significantly since then. Our peaceful protests of [...]

The Selfie as Little Ritual

Have you every wondered why self-portraits and the ever-present selfie are ringing such a resonate gong these days? Surely there’s something we are hungry for that’s getting fed by this cell-phone enhanced habit. I’m curious about the phenomenon, and I thought you might be too. That’s why I’ve invited soulsister and self-portrait specialist Vivienne McMaster [...]

Little Rituals: How to Honor Your Heritage

The icon of my Grandma for our Dia de los Muertos ofrenda —  from a photo taken while she was dancing at my cousin’s wedding.  In case you want to listen: The Believer Last night my roots called to me, and my grandmother came in a dream. She was at her “mountain house” –the [...]

"Few people know how to tend the soul like Rachelle Mee-Chapman. A curator of everything exquisite and salvageable from the spiritual traditions. Rachelle understands how to craft a nest where comfort gives way to calling, where self-care reveals with compassion your finest, truest self." -- Jen Lemen, Mondo Beyondo