Little Rituals: How to Move Your Body

In case you want to listen: I have not always been a runner. In fact, for many years I was so ill I couldn’t walk up the stairs in my own home. But last spring I decided to try. To do a little experiment and see how far my health had improved. To look [...]

{Little Rituals} How to Wake Up

In case you’d rather listen: I  am not one to meditate upon waking. Let’s just be honest, meditating first thing in the morning, I should just call it “continued sleeping.” I do, however, need a ritual to tell my mind/body/spirit that it’s time. Time to transition from dream to waking. Time to stir. Time to move. Time to [...]

How to Thrive in the Magic and the Mayhem

In case you’d rather listen: I know summer is supposed to be wonderful, right? Waterslides, and s’mores, and songs around the campfire. But this summer friends, this summer was HARD. Yes there were picturesque sunsets, and long-dreamed-of road trips to take the children to my hometown, and my sweet teenage nephew whispering, “I’ve never [...]

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