Little Rituals: How to Remember Your Roots

  During October in the Flock, we are learning to celebrate our ancestors in simple, meaningful ways. We’ll be learning the history of Dia de los Muertos via video, and getting tips and supplies together to make heritage icons. Won’t you click here to join us?   Wondering why roots matter? Here’s a vintage post to [...]

Little Rituals: How To Move Your Body Part II

In case you’d rather listen: Our lives our made up of repeating parts. Habits. Traditions. Routines. You might see these things as merely a list of duties or must-does. You might be trying to get a more fun, fulfilling mix into your routines. Probably it’s a bit of both. When you bring your attention [...]

Little Rituals: How to Move Your Body

In case you want to listen: I have not always been a runner. In fact, for many years I was so ill I couldn’t walk up the stairs in my own home. But last spring I decided to try. To do a little experiment and see how far my health had improved. To look [...]

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