Little Rituals: How the Hammock Holds You

This is my hammock. I try to get a little #hammocktime everyday. It’s one of the #littlerituals that keep me grounded in these sunny summer months of houseguests, maddeningly inconsistent schedules, and delicious garden-beckons days. Picturesque, isn’t it? Lush and indulgent and a little bit of a princess-thing, you might say. When you look at these [...]

Step into Juicy Generosity this Weekend.

Surprised to see such a patriotic image at Magpie Girl? As someone known for her leftist leanings, you may be stunned to find out that I actually LOVE the 4th of July. We live three blocks away from the biggest fireworks display in town — one that’s been repeatedly saved by the generosity of local [...]

A Rare Pay What You Can Offer on Coaching, Classes, and Community

NOTE: The Pay What you Can Sale is now closed. Payment links have been disabled. If you began previous arrangements with me for PWYC coaching, please be in touch. (Thanks, you.) Well friend, it’s almost summer. My kids are home, and your kids are home, and your mother wants you to drive to Kansas for [...]

"Few people know how to tend the soul like Rachelle Mee-Chapman. A curator of everything exquisite and salvageable from the spiritual traditions. Rachelle understands how to craft a nest where comfort gives way to calling, where self-care reveals with compassion your finest, truest self." -- Jen Lemen, Mondo Beyondo